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Hi, I’m LaSandra Williams.  I’m a birth and postpartum doula serving the Laurinburg NC, and surrounding areas. I specialize in yoga and yoni steaming consultations. I’m also a placenta encapsulation specialist offering placenta encapsulation, belly binding, and much more.


I don’t teach my clients how to have babies, their bodies already have that wisdom. Because of the body’s wisdom, my job is to guide and support them as they transition through a life-changing experience


The same way I help my friends and family navigate major life milestones such as a career change, a heartbreak, or their accomplishments … I use those same skills to help clients transition through pregnancy, labor, and birth on the path to becoming parents. I am professionally trained to guide and support clients through pregnancy and childbirth, looking for and identifying things that could interfere and negatively impact their experience (e.g.  Light, noises, negative thoughts, etc). I protect the birth space from unnecessary disturbances while teaching the parents/partners how to work together. When choosing a doula, it’s important to have established a deep mutual connection along with gained trust in your doula to guide you along the path that your birth takes.

I’ve been supporting people through transitions my whole life. I have lived as a doula without knowing it my entire life. 

A doula is something you are, not what you do!

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