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Live For Speed S2 0.6b Crack Download


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siv will be constantly improved in the coming months. Please check the comments section of the .siv if you have any suggestions on how to improve it.

The ,siv includes multiple updates to the tyre model, dynamic tyres with both dry and wet variations, as well as the overall steering system and AI. A few new driver abilities have been added.

This version of the ,siv is intended for archived vehicles from the 2019 AI Open Series.

As part of this .siv, the following errata have been applied:

– Track splitters – trigger performance feedback only when the car reaches the maximum separation speed.

– Track splitting – if the update is applied, do not allow splitters to touch the grass again.

– Steer into grass instead of along it if the ground is clearly grass.

– Fixed the wrong type of grass being impassable – now it’s always impassable.

– Fixed the grass surface type being incorrectly set in certain conditions.

– Fixed unevenness in the track surface with time.

– Fixed the diffuser’s air intakes being broken when a car has the medium/big front wing.

– Fixed the in-game tire diameter not being displayed when using the small front wing.

– Fixed the AAD sensor, which is commonly used to detect grass or dirt in front of the car, not being triggered if the car is ‘almost’ to the grass.

– Fixed the set of AAD sensor values not being correctly set when the car is braking.

– Fixed a rare crash in the version 1.9.

– Fixed a tyre size exception in the process of removing the tyre.

– Fixed the tyre size exception not being removed when a car is restarted.

– Fixed the tyre size value not being correctly displayed on the tyre profile when the car is restarted.

– Fixed the tyre size value not being changed when a car has medium front tyres.

– Fixed an issue with the tyre profile not being displayed on the screen when a car is stopped on grass.

– Fixed a bug in the tyre update process.

– Fixed an issue with the













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