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dino 50.15 puwot 12.1

and game client that runs at 50% cpu performance in linux) on windows i dont have

the same problem, because i just need to run it in linux, without the full blown

edition, i just need to run it for one day.

i think this problem is related to the problem posted by me in the Forum

Re: debian Linux version not giving proper feedback

Well, I’m not quite sure what your question is. You can use any configuration you want on Debian, and if you were using 32bit (rather than 64bit) Linux there would be more problems since your software will only run on 32bit.

thanks by the way i want to clarify what do you mean by full blown edition. I mean the one in which u have to pay a license for the software and a copy of the game.

as for your question, i mean that the debian version is not the same as the windows version. it is not worth for me to take time to write all the things i already wrote, for windows is simple for me, while with debian you need to install and configure everything, i think this is also the reason why i dont like debian, and for what i read on this forum, maybe it is the reason why some people dont like debian.

Okay, so I see what you’re saying. Basically, your Linux installation is running in 32-bit mode, and your software is running as a 32-bit application. This might mean that some of your software is incompatible. I can’t say 100% that it will be your case, but it is worth a try. To make sure that your software will run under 32-bit mode, you can install the gcc-4.4-base package. Once installed, run “apt-get install gcc-4.4-base” to install the packages. Run “dpkg-query -s gcc-4.4-base” to see what gcc-4.4-base is installed with. If you see something like:

i think that if it is that easy, the linux version is the best linux version to run uqd games, if u compare it with the windows version, there is no doubt. u dont have to install any













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