Lemon Pepper Wet Chicken Wings by Chef Bae

Check out this super easy and flavorful Lemon Pepper Wet chicken wing recipe made by Chef Bae Smith: 1 bag frozen chicken wings dings 2 teaspoons seasoning salt 2 teaspoons garlic powder 2 teaspoons onion powder 1/8 teaspoon Chilli powder 3-4 pinches ground black pepper 1/2 cup Louisiana Hot Sauce Lemon pepper seasoning Cooking oil for frying Unthaw and wash chicken then pat meat dry. Season with all the seasonings listed above. Fry chicken in cooking oil on medium high heat for around 20 minutes or until golden brown. (I like my wings fried hard)Remove wings and place them over paper towels. Add hot sauce into a bowl, then add wings. Coat chicken evenly with the sauce. Plate chicken and add lemon pepper seasoning on top. YT Video Links: Loaded Cabbage – https://youtu.be/Mov7wJ6I82M Smothered Porkchops- https://youtu.be/hjJ-YDu1jhs Garlic Parm Wings- https://youtu.be/BrjWDEFGLVA Pasta Salad- https://youtu.be/GB2ANWBcxzE Ham & Cheese Sliders- https://youtu.be/FSbl580-BiM Hot Wings- https://youtu.be/cR4cM5Td8cA Cornbread Dressing- https://youtu.be/p6icXR2-5ZA Pepper Steak- https://youtu.be/eGI_7yH23bs Country Fried Steak- https://youtu.be/VCxzxTwWJrc Turkey Wings- https://youtu.be/k44ZejFFtZs Loaded Shrimp & Grits w/ Salmon and – https://youtu.be/8gKjzZEDugw Key Lime Poundcake-https://youtu.be/jvB5L6hrlqk Fried Oreos- https://youtu.be/Yh7pqPICCrw Green Beans- https://youtu.be/jP3FbCy-Svw Pot Roast –https://youtu.be/-HHJAatkdMQ Steak and Shrimp Hibachi- https://youtu.be/Df3jbnfyW-I Chicken Lazone- https://youtu.be/byAbdUbSY34 Big Mac- https://youtu.be/66OJExSpql8 Mustard Fried Chicken- https://youtu.be/R7XFRNjnrqk Chocolate Chip Cookies- https://youtu.be/ssA4WSnl99s Scrambled Eggs- https://youtu.be/NgPaGOxCob0 Shrimp Ramon- https://youtu.be/tcMfwP2scoc