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Python: Convert UTC (ISO 8601) string to long value

I have a field in a MySQL table that stores a UTC timestamp in the following format:


I want to convert this to a datetime.timedelta object in Python. I have been able to convert to datetime.datetime and then to datetime.timedelta in the past, but the problem is, both of these formats are all the same.

The following is what I’ve been trying:

value_dt = (datetime.datetime.strptime(‘2013-04-18T17:20:48.935Z’, ‘%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%fZ’)).timedelta()

Is there an easy way to convert the above timestamp to the format of Python’s datetime? If I know it will be the same as it is in all other cases I will also be OK with using the latter.


That is not a datetime.timedelta. It is a time.struct_time which is a bit more machine-readable.

import time

timedelta = time.struct_time(


















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