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In the previous post, you learned how to create an R data frame and store it in memory using RAM, a common technique for analyzing data with R. The next step would be to read the data into JMP. To do that, first you need to access the data file, which is most likely located on your computer’s hard drive. If you’d like to work with the data from the file, you could simply open the file with R. If you’d rather work with the data directly from the RAM, then you’ll need to access it directly.

Accessing the Data File

If you’re using the JMP software on your computer, all the data you’ll need is already in memory. There’s no need to copy the data to your computer’s hard drive or to extract it from your data file. You can access all the data from RAM just by accessing it through R. If you were to create an R data frame in JMP, and save it using the RAM option, you would have access to the data right away.

To access the data, simply run the following code.

> dataset=readJmp()

Then you can see the data by typing dataset in R.

Unfortunately, you cannot access the data directly from your data file using this method. You can only access data from your RAM. You’ll need to save the data to your hard drive using another method, such as using a text editor and then read the data into R. You can use the following code to save the data:

> read.csv( “Filename.csv”)

Now that you have saved the data to the hard drive, you can open the data file with R.

Using Direct File Access

If you’d rather work with the data directly from the RAM than copy the data to the hard drive, you can access the data in RAM by typing the following code.

> data=readJmp(“ram:FileName.txt”)

Now you can access the data directly from RAM by typing the variable name, data, into R. This type of direct access can be very useful when working with large datasets.

When using this method, JMP will not give you any help when you enter the data. It will simply read the file directly into your workspace and ask if you’re sure you want to use the data. If you enter N, it will stop, but if you enter Y or the default of N













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