It’s so offensive to think of paid cosmetics

The distance from say… Shatt to Auchindoun is WOW Classic TBC Gold probably less than Kargath to Blackrock Mountain. I don’t believe it will be that bad. The only thing they would need to do is remove or redesign the areas that are flying only. Teleporters up and down at the very least.Fly to Ruuan Weald and then walk right down until Gruul in Blade’s Edge. It is possible to travel to Cosmowrench from Netherstorm. I’m not sure. I am thinking that if there were no flying mounts that flight paths would become important again and provide a solution.If Blizzard made WoW today, it would not be WoW. It’s likely to be an Overwatch MMO, or something entirely new. The developers haven’t really done anything with Warcraft for quite a while (except hearthstone, which could also be something completely different).If we contrast Overwatch with what could have been the case with Project Titan and WoW and what could have happened the case if WoW had been released in 2021. My guess is that WoW2021 must be restricted to a few half-assed arenas and BGs, as well as a loot box.If you consider their well-known MMO, which is based on an IP they’ve been maintaining and updating over 15 years, it’s absurd to assert that they’ve done any work on the IP. What else could they be doing apart from Warcraft 4?I’d like to see a brand new version of WoW with an improved engine would be wonderful. Imagine height being the main factor in combat or projectiles that could be used to hit or block objects that are different from their initial target.This argument is completely absurd and ridiculous. Modern expansions come with a higher number of mounts compared to TBC, and I think there is more variety in the design and in the acquisition. TBC included a lot of dungeon dropping and Grindy dailies that helped make a name. The nether drakes were also amazing in design.It’s so offensive to think of paid cosmetics as part of an online mmo. Classic was so good because every cosmetic item was linked to an achievement earned in game. Rare Mounts etc were such an expensive item. When people are cheap WOW TBC Gold able to buy them , they are meaningless. I’m a bit confused about why people pay for mounts

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