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It’s impossible to even watch it live. Each time someone came across a way like this and blizz decided to nerf the game. Im talking about raid farming to earn gold, Blizz has WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold nerfed it after nearly every expansion since they discovered that people were doing this. If this were practiced back in the day, it would have been one week, not years.I’m thinking that the levelling let’s concentrate on this part, is slow, I’m sure it’s just designed this way. I just don’t like the paste of it. It’s not quite as smooth as it could be for the Hunter class that has high DPS. I lack mana, gold, and damage. Because of my small mana reserve, I am unable to kill every mob. If I kill an opponent, I must end the game to regain health and mana. There are only a couple of skills that could allow me to survive and take on damage, probably this will improve over time, but I am starting to doubt that maybe I’m not going to play Wow long enoughThe levelling process is slow. I can’t deny it was designed that way however, I don’t enjoy it. I am playing as a Hunter and I guess the way to level isn’t quite as good as it could have been for a class with great DPS later on. I’m not getting enough mana damage, gold, and mana. I die all the times but I’m not able to kill one mob at a time because I am limited by my mana pool. When I’ve killed a mob, I must stop to restore my health and mana. I only have a handful of skills that could enable me to survive and deal damage, probably this will improve later on but I am beginning to question whether I’m not going to stick with WOW long enoughOh I didn’t realize you’re just 22. There’s a problem with not having enough quests to complete shouldn’t be in the first place if you know where to search. I’m not sure if I should suggest the addon Questie since I’m not sure it’s the best way to get into the game in the first attempt… My advice is to be sure to immerse your self in the quests and go slowly (read them , etc. ), but if you’re not the kind of person who would like to do that, then download the addon known as Questie and it’ll guide you through a number of quests that you can get, although it is possible that you will need to use some kind of online guide to finding the appropriate levels.It is what it is. You are only able to take just one or two monsters at a time depending on your level. If you’re not careful it could be fatal. Classic is a game where it is not buy WOW TBC Classic Gold possible to simply stomp on regular mobs at your level, unless the highest level character can funnel resources to your alt.

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