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CARAID’S BLOG – Retailers are angry at the inability of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to deliver on a court-ordered undertaking to all Australian retailers. They claim that the ACCC cannot deliver on what it says it will do in the long-delayed review of the Essential Services Act (“as is the case with any government institution”, the government says).

But some of the anger is directed at the ACCC and the federal government for failing to deliver on the undertaking.

This is simply not the case.

The ACCC undertook to deliver a review by mid-December 2015. The government accepted the undertaking as valid.

Under the current legislation, the ACCC must deliver on its undertaking. It is not required to satisfy political, media and other sectors which may have an interest in the outcome of the review.

What’s more, the ACCC’s policy is clear that it will not comment on any material that is the subject of the review.

This means that, if the ACCC were to comment publicly on its activities, the government would be within its rights to seek contempt of court.

The ACCC’s position is that it does not comment on any material that is subject to the review.

But the fact is, this government-appointed review is proceeding under the terms and conditions of the present legislation.

This is the position of the ACCC, and it will not comment on it.

And the ACCC is right to continue to operate under the present legislation.

The laws must apply to everyone.

They must also apply to the government.

And the government is the ACCC.

The ACCC is a government entity, operating under the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The government has the right to determine the timing, and subject of its undertaking.

Likewise, the ACCC has the right to operate under the laws governing the ACCC.

This government-appointed review of the Essential Services Act













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