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vw tasa 108vw iwin inazuma eleven 3 ikpe ilere the network provider and the network

11 and web interfaces. The client side is written in C language with several wrappers in

programming languages such as C, C++ and Python. The VBML is used for the RTCP

protocol and for the media streams. From the client side the VBML follows the RFC-

5932 standard. A generic function called “Vendor Specific Profile” (VSP) is used

for handling video and audio streams. The VSP is based on W3C Web Real-Time

Communication and W3C Web Real-Time Media specifications. This allows to carry out

multimedia communication services and web video broadcasting over the Internet,

taking advantage of several protocols and technologies. The architecture is illustrated

in figure 2. The UPA and the VBML engines are “homogeneous”, they can not perform

interoperability and transcoding between multimedia formats. Moreover, the UPA and

the VBML engines do not provide a way to select a certain camera, microphones and

video formats.

With the aim of designing a multimedia distribution service as a remote video

broadcasting tool, the UPA was extended to include the following new capabilities:

Multimedia encoding in a wide range of encoding algorithms and formats.

Multimedia streaming and transmission over long distances.

Audio/video transmission from one UPA server to several receiving UPA clients.

Clients request UPA multimedia streaming sessions.

UPA clients can be equipped with different multimedia modems.

UPA clients request multimedia services from a UPA server.

3.2.2. UPA definition

The UPA architecture is illustrated in figure 3. The UPA is designed to provide the

functionalities to distribute or broadcast multimedia content over a wide variety of

internet protocol (IP) networks, through a standard connectionless architecture based on

the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

The UPA is a TCP/UDP protocol and it is independent of any media format or

application-layer protocol. The UPA contains a header that makes possible a














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