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GOP Senator Ted Cruz of Texas: “I’m a New York Times Conservative”

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at the Tea Party Express event in Daytona Beach, Florida, January 6, 2016. (Photo: Robyn Breslin / AFP)

Ted Cruz has been no stranger to being in the national spotlight, but he’s been ducking the spotlight since he announced his run for president. He was asked if he was a conservative Republican in a new interview and replied, “I’m a New York Times Conservative.”

Cruz has taken an aggressive stance on the issues of immigration, same-sex marriage, and abortion. He said in an interview with Politico that he believes strongly in the concept of a government that enforces the laws as they are written and says he doesn’t think the government should get involved in the issue of abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.

“I think if you look at the history of the last few decades in the Republican Party, we have been on the side of being pro-life,” Cruz said. “We have been on the side of being pro-marriage, being pro-defending the unborn.”

Cruz was asked about the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade and abortion rights. “I believe that the unborn child is a precious and wonderful creation of God, and we should respect all of God’s creation. I believe in the sanctity of life,” he said.

He compared Roe v. Wade to the Dred Scott decision. “The Supreme Court has never been the law of the land. The law of the land has always come down from the states.”

Cruz said that his views are not inconsistent with being a Republican. “I’m a New York Times Conservative. The whole point of conservatism is that if you want to be in Washington, D.C., that if you want to follow the liberal fantasies of Washington, D.C., that if you want to have the media tell you what you believe, you’re not a conservative.”

Cruz also noted that he would support legislation that denies all federal funds to organizations that perform abortions.

Cruz also said that he thinks that the United










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