Ice Melt Wreath

Objective: Melt the wreath to free and set loose the items inside by pouring warm water over it!

Basic Materials:

For this activity, I grabbed a magnifying glass, a pitcher of warm water (for refills), a plastic squeeze bottle, and some loose parts: pine tree clippings, cranberries, and gold glitter. I threw the loose parts into the only circle pan I had, placed a small bowl in the middle for the hole, and threw it in the freezer overnight! If you have a bundt cake pan, that would be ideal for this activity, use it! Tongs, ladle, and a cup provided later for the cranberries once they are free from the ice. You could add green food coloring, or any festive/themed holiday items like the bells, or pine cones, and freeze them as well!


This is a simple, low fuss, nature and ice, STEAM activity that is perfect for the holiday season! It offers an opportunity to explore nature, the different types of trees, as well as a great sensory experience. They are able to examine the pine needles closely with a magnifying glass, smell that pine tree smell by giving the clippings a good sniff, squishing the cranberries, and of course feeling the temperature difference between the ice and warm water. The ice melting is a good display of temperature change! As they squeeze the water onto the ice and watch what happens it encourages both observation skills, and patience.

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