I find especially odd about this whole issue is that people

The thing Animal Crossing New Horizons Items I find especially odd about this whole issue is that people seem to believe that it matters what the in game hair model is supposed to be.In minecraft, should I use a single fence block to hang a glowstone in the ceiling, then it is not a weapon, it is a chandelier chain/rope. Even if the hairstyle was named’Afro Puffs’ in match and presented as such, If I wanted to make a character with space buns and there wasn’t any nearer hairstyle I would use that one. The post is not ambiguous at all about the intentions of the plan, so they are definitely space buns.I was making friends and family in Sims with my friend, and we needed to use a mustache which was stereotypic for another cultural group to symbolize my dad’s’stache since there wasn’t anything really appropriate or true to his style. It happens!I’ve been wearing odango hair, ao dais, saris, cheongsams, geisha wigs, china poblanas, and kimonos because the game launched and no one’s mentioned anything to me about appropriation. I’m not Asian or Latina, so moving by these principles I need to be’disallowed’ from dressing in another culture’s garb? No. Because it’s a match.Finally completed all flower wreaths from creature crossing in real life!!! So pretty! About how big are they? Do you have a photo of you holding them or something close to size?Ironing the flowers and leafs to produce the shapes, and for the wreaths I used floral wires; essentially everything from scratch ~That is super dedication to ironing those small corners and over again. Congratulations on making such beautiful art!!!Can we capture some detail pictures? I’d love to see how they are made.It seems like it took a week, as soon as you consider it you think it requires a year, but then you realise it’s just a month..Oh my goodness, those are seriously beautiful! I’m exceptionally impressed.I was trying to figure out if they had been lucky gold cat animal crossing new horizons a painting or real wreaths haha. It looks surreal

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