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Hey guys! I’m currently giving away samples of products being developed, DM me if you’d like to be a product tester! *limited spots available*

I’m also creating a small, crappy e-commerce website on the fly just to get the already developed products out for sale as they come out.

The first product to be added to my website will be my homemade natural antiperspirant!

Im so excited to have this opportunity. I love making my own beauty products and I’m finally able to share it with the world!

P.S. I’m making a CBD Rub as well ? I’ve been making it for a couple months now, my mom has arthritis and tons of other disabilities and she can’t stop raving over my rub. I don’t have a license to sell it but I am giving out small samples to my 21+ friends and family since that’s legal in Oregon. If you guys support my other products, the CBD Rub will be able to come to market in no time!!!

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