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Hindi Movies Dashavtar Free Download


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It tells the story of Lord Vishnu through a series of flashbacks, as well as a collection of adventures.


The first half of the film tells the tale of Vishnu’s early life, starting with his birth, then his search for his identity, his meeting of Chitragupta the rakshasi and a collection of his nine avatars. The second half of the film details his personal journey in the present world as he tries to find the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

First Avatar

The first part of the film shows the story of Lord Vishnu’s early life when he was born as Pradyumna, the son of Ikshvaku, the descendant of Manu, and his wife Anjana. His mother was busy with her household chores, and was unaware that she was pregnant, so she did not have time to nurse him. She left the infant alone in the palace so that she could tend to other matters, only to discover her son’s disappearance when she went to check on him later. She searched the palace for him, and when she saw a rakshasi guarding her son, she summoned her husband, who came with his army, and went to rescue his son. Chitragupta, the rakshasi, and Vishnu’s father fought for custody of the infant. The rakshasi persuaded the king to let her keep him.

When the king heard that Vishnu was crying, he tried to comfort the crying baby by turning him upside down, making him uncomfortable. Chitragupta lied to the king that she would never release him until he was a year old, but once the baby was released, Chitragupta turned him into a black swan and sent him back to his mother, as she was waiting for him. Chitragupta had no interest in Vishnu and had taken an evil interest in making sure that Vishnu was kidnapped by the lion ruler of the jungle, and would grow up to be the king of the jungle. Chitragupta sent Vishnu’s mother a note saying that he would be sent back to her on one condition, that the mother give her son all her family wealth in the world, as well as the family chakram. His mother returned to Chitragupta, saying that he will be sent back to her after a year. Vishnu is seen in the nursery, crying for his mother.

Later, Anjana













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