HD Online Player (she Taxi Malayalam Full Movie Free 2)

Download ↔ https://fancli.com/2jv2sf


HD Online Player (she Taxi Malayalam Full Movie Free 2)


Download ↔ https://fancli.com/2jv2sf


It features Indian actor Jayaram, Simran and Sarayu.Malliya Thottu is a story based on the true incident of three women from Kerala – Swarupa, Bhavana and Jhilmini. The incidents are based on the real life events. The film explores how three brave women put up a united front and fought against the all-powerful politician to change the law.Swarupa, her husband and four children have been the victims of goons who had murdered her husband. Her father was always close to her and was a shoulder to support on the wobbly emotional ground. However, Swarupa soon decided to take the matter into her hands and started a self-defence class for women in their village. Jhilmini, who has lost her husband in the hands of an organised gang of criminals, struggles to build a new life. Bhavana, a lonely housewife, finds solace in the warm relationships and her motherly instincts. Swarupa, Jhilmini and Bhavana have one dream – that their husbands are not cheated on and they are given justice. They unite together to form a crusade of their own and stop this racket.

It has been successfully completed in May 2015. Some more DMC’s before adding them to my plan to watch in Dec 2015. Here they are, starting with the Unrated version. It was the year’s Best Gomathiyin Vellam! It was the year’s Best! That’s what they say.

I started watching the series in March 2013. Some of you might remember me talking about them in the past. The first episode came out in March 2013. I don’t think anyone ever saw that version of it, but I have all episodes in the Dvd collection I bought and watched the first two to three episodes of each one. I am watching the Unrated version. There are 35 episodes and it is done in a good quality and a very good frame rate!

Here are the first ten episodes, unrated

Episode 1.1 (Takes place in February 2003)

Episode 1.2 (Takes place in February 2004)

Episode 1.3 (Takes place in January 2005)

Episode 1.4 (Takes place in January 2006)

Episode 1.5 (Takes place in January 2007)

Episode 1.6 (Takes place in January 2008)

Episode 1













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