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Category:2016 films
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Category:Portuguese drama films
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Category:Films directed by Tomás MoutinhoShahrak-e Alireza

Shahrak-e Alireza (, also Romanized as Shāhrak-e ‘Alīreţā; also known as Shāhrak-e ‘Alī ‘Ezzat) is a village in Torud Rural District, in the Central District of Khodabandeh County, Zanjan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 982, in 225 families.


Category:Populated places in Khodabandeh CountyMeasurement of the human abdominal circumference.
Many body measurements are now being taken to aid in the assessment of the human condition. Most such measurements have been taken as a by-product of a diagnosis or treatment, rather than as a routine measurement. We have investigated the noninvasive, accurate, and simple techniques of measuring the human abdominal circumference. Measurements were made using mercury-in-silastic strain gauges and a laparoscope. The results were compared with other techniques and with the abdominal circumference of nonobese and obese patients. The strain-gauge technique was found to be the most accurate and least variable, with a coefficient of variation of 4.0%. Laparoscopy was found to be less accurate and less reliable, with a coefficient of variation of 11.6%.Q:

Unzip.zip file with bash command in Linux

How to unzip.zip file using bash command in Linux?
I have tried
unzip filename

but it is not working.


I’m assuming you are looking to extract the contents of a zip file into the directory you are currently in. In that case try something like this:
cd ~ && unzip -p ‘file.zip’ ‘file_name_of_unzipped_file’















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