HAIR POROSITY 101 & 5 EASY HAIR POROSITY TESTS! | #PorosityTest | VLOGMAS DAY 18 Hey Curlfriends!🤗💛 In the beginning of this video, I explain what hair porosity is, the characteristics of each porosity type and why it’s important to understand your hair porosity for the health of your hair. Following this, I present 5 easy ways to test your hair porosity that will help you determine whether you have high porosity, medium porosity or low porosity hair. TIME STAMPS: 0:22 WHAT IS HAIR POROSITY? 0:40 LOW POROSITY HAIR 2:05 NORMAL POROSITY HAIR 2:41 HIGH POROSITY HAIR 4:26 FLOAT TEST 6:29 Q&A METHOD 7:18 ABSORPTION TEST 8:10 STRAND TEST 9:16 MOISTURIZING PRODUCT TEST ____________________________________________ *****✨CURLFRIEND CREW DEALS✨******* REVAIR* 10% OFF COUPON CODE: “FNHROCKS” 10% OFF BEAUTY CLUB OUTLET* HAIR PRODUCTS: “FNHROCKS” Are you a Content Creator? Try TubeBuddy* FREE MORNINGFAME INVITE CODE: _________________________________ VISIT FNHROCKS OFFICIAL WEBSITE: _________________________________ RELATED VIDEOS: HAIR POROSITY 101 & 3 EASY HAIR POROSITY TESTS! | BiancaReneeToday BianceReneeToday HAIR POROSITY TESTS (Test Your POROSITY LEVELS) (5 EASY WAYS) Healthy Afro Hair HAIR POROSITY 101 Chime (Haircrush) _________________________________ MY HAIR CHARACTERISTICS: Fine, Medium Density, Type 4a/4b Curls _________________________________ SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE CURLFRIEND CREW TODAY, it’s FREE ✨: 🛎Don’t forget to click the notification bell so you don’t miss any updates! ‘🛎’ ✨ SUB COUNT: 1.07K✨ ✨ SUB GOAL: 5K✨ Before you leave, please RATE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE to support the GROWTH of our Curlfriend Community! _________________________________ DON’T CLICK THIS 👀🛑🙃: VISIT FNHR OFFICIAL WEBSITE: LETS CHAT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @FineNaturalHairRocks Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: _________________________________ B U S I N E S S: ⇢ For business inquiries ONLY, such as company sponsors, brand ambassador applications or reviews, please email me directly at: Curlfriends, thank you so much for watching; and thank you so much for all of your support! ✨ _________________________________ KEYWORDS: curls”,”curly hair”,”style”,”bianca renee”,”biancaReneeToday”,”bianca brown”,”porosity”,”hair porosity”,”low porosity”,”high porosity”,”normal pororsity”,”products for porosity”,”products for low porosity”,”products for high porosity”,”products for frizzy hair”,”frizz”,”curly hair products”,”shea moisture”,”shea mositure low porosity”,”shea mositure high porosity”,”all about”,”how to style”,”black hair”,”dry hair”#POROSITYTEST, FINE NATURAL HAIR ROCKS, high porosity hair, high porosity hair characteristics, high porosity hair characteristics vs low porosity, high porosity hair explained, high porosity hair test, high porosity hair vs low porosity, low porosity hair, low porosity hair characteristics, low porosity hair characteristics test, low porosity hair tips, medium porosity hair characteristics, medium porosity hair test, medium porosity hair tips, porosity hair test, porosity hair test water _________________________________ * Indicates that this is an affiliate code or link. This means that Fine Natural Hair ROCKS (“FNHROCKS”) earns a small commission at no additional cost to you when you choose to shop with the FNHROCKS code/link. This small commission will then support FNHROCKS to continue bringing the Curlfriend Crew great content. That being said, thank you so much for watching and continuing to support FNHROCKS. I love our Curlfriend Crew to the MOON and BACK! 🤗💛 *****✨CURLFRIEND CREW✨******* Have you joined the 1K Subbie Giveaway yet? Click here for all the details:

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