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Distributed testing on multiple laptops vs a single one

I am new to TeamCity and I have been using it as a means of deploying my web applications to a testing environment and from my observations it seems very good.
The problem I am facing is when I have to test my web application locally (on my development machine). Is it better to use one laptop (win 7) to run my web application and my test scripts and use teamcity to run them on a different machine (linux) as a container?
My reasoning for thinking so is, as I am running my unit tests on my development machine I will have very little overhead (if any) when running my tests, having only one machine may affect performance since it may require to be upgraded to run the test scripts.
If so, what are the pros and cons of running the tests on my development machine?


Depending on how you are doing the tests (e.g. UI-based vs. functional) it can be beneficial to run the tests on a desktop that is not as powerful as your development machine. For UI based tests that tests various actions you can run it on a fast machine that has several cores and do some heavy multitasking so that your UI tests aren’t affected by what’s going on.
For functional tests where the test scripts itself take a while to run you may want to use a machine with less resources, ideally one with a lower clock speed, or a slower CPU that is able to just sit there and do nothing and not fight with the test scripts.
Ultimately, it depends on how the tests are written. If they are heavy on external or expensive services, then you probably want to be running them on a machine that isn’t as powerful. If they are pure script based tests and are very light on the outside world, then you can run the tests on the same machine as your development environment.

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