Golden Goose Outlet slipping cult styles

<P>There are probably mixed reviews on this one depending on who you ask, but I personally found my Golden <STRONG> </STRONG>Goose sneakers to have a break-in period unlike my Gucci Ace Sneakers. You can read my review on those sneakers HERE. However, once you get over that short period, they’re super comfortable – and it only takes 1-2 wears. Perhaps the best thing about Golden Goose sneakers is that they’re super low maintenance. There isn’t a ton of cleaning and upkeep required since the sneakers come distressed. We’re <B><a href=””>Golden Goose Outlet</a></B> slipping cult styles into our footwear rotation with the Francy sneakers from Golden Goose. The lace-up design riffs on ’70s basketball styles with high-top leather uppers and signature scuffed detailing. </P>

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