Gfx Boot Customizer V1.0.0.7 [Updated]

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Gfx Boot Customizer V1.0.0.7


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-1 Update: Add support for NVIDIA GPUs, HyperDrive mode, and large solid colors. Based on version 0.4.2-1. Thanks to Michael Valentine for writing this simple tool. The uboot boot customizer is a graphical interface for uboot that allows customizing the U-Boot binary. It’s mostly for people that have difficulty with writing U-Boot binaries. I would encourage you to learn the GNU Build System so you can build your own U-Boot binaries. Since there are so many variables, we allow you to specify all of the arguments using the CLI, but it will still give you a pretty standard U-Boot binary. There are some special cases for things such as graphics card detection. With the customizer, you can manually specify each argument using a text file. You can write multiple files to pass multiple options. It has simple validation for things like invalid arguments, integer limits, and the like. You can also specify where to place the new u-boot binary and the old u-boot binary. You can specify different colors for the old and new u-boot binaries. It has three modes to choose from. Text mode, where everything is pretty normal. HyperDrive mode, where you press Space to flash your changes, and I don’t think it supports any other option. And finally, Solid mode, where you must have a custom serial number to flash. It uses a simple protocol to connect to the device. For example, pressing ESC on an XDA ZTE One will show the customizer. Pressing the left arrow will flash it. And pressing ESC again will reboot. The customizer will save your U-Boot binary when you close it. Pressing ESC on the device will show the boot menu to choose the custom U-Boot binary.

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