Games Workshop The Hobbit Rulebook Pdf (April-2022)

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Games Workshop The Hobbit Rulebook Pdf


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Dwarf Bodyguard Magic Item: The [Bodyguard] wand is a basic wand with the [Fighter] feat for its extra cost.Fighter A Fighter gains the Weapon Speciality feat.Fighter Level [Bodyguard] When a fighter gains the [Fighter] feat, he may choose to learn the [Bodyguard] class option. He must succeed on a DC 15 Intelligence check to learn this option. A [Bodyguard] fighter has the special Fighting Style, Weapon Specialty, and Proficiencies listed on pages 29–30 in the fighter class description.Bodyguard Fighter Level 5 1st Action Die of Havoc.

Here are the general guidelines for becoming a [Bodyguard] fighter.

[Bodyguard] The [Bodyguard] fighter gains Fighting Style, Weapon Speciality, and Proficiencies listed on pages 29–30 in the fighter class description.

Bodyguard Fighting Style. The [Bodyguard] fighter gains a fighting style based on [Bodyguard]. Like the fighting style chosen from the fighter class, the [Bodyguard] fighter gains no additional features when learning [Bodyguard] through the [Bodyguard] fighter class option.

Damage Type. The [Bodyguard] fighter has no stated damage type. However, he gains the [Dagger] bonus action ability as a standard action, and can choose to deal a type of damage as a bonus action. He cannot choose to deal piercing damage, but can choose to deal slashing or bludgeoning damage, or to deal nonmagical fire damage as a bonus action. The [Bodyguard] fighter cannot choose to deal the damage type itself as a bonus action, nor can he combine damage types. The same bonus action can be used to deal any number of different damage types. In combat, the [Bodyguard] fighter can choose to take only the normal actions available to a fighter, and must take the normal actions available to a bodyguard on his turn.

Dagger (ASI). The [Bodyguard] fighter gains [Dagger] as a bonus action. If the [Bodyguard] fighter has already taken [Dagger] as a bonus action on this or a previous turn, the [Bodyguard] fighter gains the [Dagger] enhancement with no additional requirements. If the [Bodyguard] fighter has no [Dagger] currently equipped, he can equip one. This weapon cannot be used as a light or medium weapon. Like the [Dagger] enhancement,













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