FRILOG Logiciel Frigoriste Pour Les Installations Frigorifiques – Salles Climatis Es.htm [March-2022]

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FRILOG Logiciel Frigoriste Pour Les Installations Frigorifiques – Salles Climatis Es.htm


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During the past few decades, with the rapid development of the economy and the rapid development of science and technology, the oil and natural gas, chemical, petrochemical and food industries have used energy, especially for the production of end products, as an energy source. At present, there are several kinds of energy sources used for the production of end products, among which the fossil fuel energy source has a strong tendency of exhaustion and is increasingly expensive, which seriously restricts the development of industries that are heavily dependent on the fossil fuel energy source.

The energy shortage caused by fossil fuel depletion, the environmental protection of greenhouse gas, the low conversion efficiency of fossil fuel to energy, and the rise in the cost of oil and gas price, require the development of new energy. Energy is a life-supporting substance for the human society, and the safety and sustainable development of the human society greatly rely on the development of a new energy technology. Currently, the energy shortage and the environmental pollution are major problems to the human society. Therefore, it is an important direction to seek an energy-saving green energy, and the electric-powered transportation system, for example, the vehicle, has a huge market, which requires a low-carbon energy source.

However, electric energy is a non-renewable energy, and especially when used for the vehicle, electric energy is easy to pollute and will release CO2 in the air, which will cause global warming, environmental pollution, and has a bad influence on the health of the human body.

From the traditional perspective, the problem of the electric energy is that it is difficult to be converted to a high energy density because it is an electric energy. There are two ways for solving the problem of the electric energy. One is the high-density energy storage, for example, the electric double-layer capacitor and the Li-ion battery, and the other is the high-power energy conversion.

The high-density energy storage includes the electric double-layer capacitor and the supercapacitor, and has the advantages of high energy density, fast charge and discharge speed, and environmental friendliness, so it has a strong advantage in the electric vehicle, and is a good choice to satisfy the requirement of the electric vehicle. It is worth noting that the electric double-layer capacitor has a very high capacitance, but when applied to the high-power energy storage of the electric vehicle, its charging time is very long,













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