FNF VS Purple Guy – Play “Abandoned Arcade Machine”

Boyfriend and Girlfriend were walking around an abandoned mall when they came across a pizza business with an arcade system. Who would have thought it?

Here’s the FNF vs Purple Guy edition, also called Abandoned Arcade Machine in Friday Night Funkin’.

In the rapping, Boyfriend challenges Purple Guy to a rap battle where they both use 8-bit style. In the process, they have some humorous moments while either trying to out do or one up each other in terms of lyrical content and flow.

The story goes that a boyfriend and girlfriend were wandering around an abandoned mall when they found a pizza business with what appears to be an old arcade machine inside. They participated in the game, completely unaware of what would transpire – and were dragged into it! Who would have thought it?

Are you waiting for the ultimate Friday Night Funkin battle? An all-new FNF Mod, FNF vs Purple Guy [Abandoned Arcade Machine], has been added to the collection. This will be a great match!. The playability of the FNF versus Purple Guy mod is satisfactory, despite the fact that it becomes incredibly difficult in later stages. 

In this Friday Night Funkin’ Mod, you’ll face a whole new set of challenges. Continuing your quest to capture your girlfriend’s love, you’ll take on the role of FNF against Purple Guy [Abandoned Arcade Machine] in this mod. Win the rap battle against your opponents and you will be able to persuade your girlfriend’s father.

OneilR, SuperMakerPlayer, fl0pd00dle and Yoshubs all collaborated to create the FNF: Abandoned Arcade Machine (Friday Night Funkin’) modification for Friday Night Funkin’. It is a retro-style mod that takes place inside of an abandoned arcade machine with Boyfriend as you fight against the terrifying purple monster in it.

Boyfriend will rap against Purple Guy in an 8-bit style battle!

A pizza parlor with a fantastic arcade system caught the attention of our favorite couple when they were exploring an abandoned mall. They unwittingly begin to play it and soon became absorbed in it – despite the fact that their best friend was there waiting for them! In Family-Diner, Slaughter, Massacre, and Happiest-Day now available on Steam Early Access as part of FNF’s new mod series (FNF VS Purple Guy), your boyfriend must face off against his adversary in a duel. Help him return home if you can! Browse through all kinds of mods at friday-nightfunkin.com.

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