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My Husband/The Writer

My hubby had no desire to write and was not that way inclined, until after his sister passed away. She was his life. He had trouble remembering things about her and how she’d die. He was different, or so he thought. He still became an author and was published in the year 2000.

Then he began to research and get a life long desire to visit Alaska. This was a big leap for him to make and he was beginning to have trouble remembering things about her and the times he saw her before her death.

Then he began to think about the events that had changed him, mostly from teenage boys, but mostly from his college days. The events were held in various places and included sexual relationships and his inability to control himself.

From there he made it a point to research what it was that had occurred and changed him to where he was. He began to write down the events and the outcome of them. He found himself writing three novels.

In his research he found out how he was different from other men. He began to study, and it became obvious why he had no desire to write before his sister’s death. He began to realize why he had trouble remembering things about her, and when she died. His sister was a single mom with two young children and she worked at the post office. The two of them were close and he had no real desire to be alone.

He realized how hard he worked and what a hard decision it was to not show up to a














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