European Model of Brazilian nationality, Shirley Mallman, happily sashays the racist design of Brazilian designer, Adriana Degreas, depicting the degrading muzzled face of enslaved Brazilian woman of African descent, Escrava Anastácia (Slave Anastasia). Notice her expressionless gaze did a good job hiding any disgust there may have been, telling us all that she was quite comfortable embracing and putting on display her racism, at the request of her racist designer boss, Adriana Degreas. Escrava Anastacia is a popular saint venerated in Brazil. A slave woman of African descent, Anastacia is depicted as possessing incredible beauty, having piercing blue eyes and wearing an oppressive facemask. Although not officially recognized by the Catholic Church, Anastacia is still an important figure in popular Catholic devotion throughout Brazil. She is also venerated by members of the Umbanda and Spiritist traditions. She has also been portrayed in Brazil in books, radio programs and a highly successful television miniseries bearing her name. Designer, Adriana Degreas, and Model, shirley mallmann, racist to their core and needs to be called out on it every chance we get!

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