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Emotet is a Trojan that is designed to steal sensitive information from infected computers, by luring victims to unsuspicious looking emails. When victims receive the email, they are asked to provide their bank login details and payment card details in order to have a benefit of a fast and easy money transfer. In fact, it is not safe and there is a high risk of victim’s credit cards being stolen. As a result, it can heavily damage a user’s financial status and way of life.

Since 2012, this Trojan is used for email spamming, and today, it is widespread. The only reason of why it is not classified as a virus is because of its stealth capabilities.
For example, users may come across an email from a friend or their bank saying that they have found a promotional code and to claim it before it expires. The email may look legit, and users may just click the link to claim the code. However, they are in for a shock, as it will lead them to a website that requires them to input their username, password, and credit card details. Once the victim enters this data, they will be notified that this transaction is fraudulent and has been reversed. However, the information is already out there.

The scammer just needs to do their part and the money will start flowing in.
This virus has a two-stage infection process. The first stage is seen when the user receives the email. If the user clicks on the link, the Trojan will be launched. The second stage comes when the victim goes to the website. Once the Trojan is loaded, it will perform its malicious tasks.

The reason of why the email message may appear to be normal is because the scammer has another source of infection. That is the file attachment that the scammer has sent to the user. When the user opens the file, the second stage infection will be triggered, which in turn, will allow the virus to spread further.

The Trojan that is capable of disguising itself as real antivirus software is also a common infection. In this case, the Trojan installs the fake anti-virus application that is spread by the same method as the Trojan itself. Hence, the Trojan receives a lot of downloads from the malicious files. This adds up to the virus’ deception.

A unique feature of this Trojan is that it has the capability to act as a beacon. It has been designed with the purpose of making sure that the Trojan is identified and blocked from infecting other computers.

The Trojan has come up with many ways to do so. It can infect websites such as Google Chrome, Skype, Office, Twitter, Outlook, and Skype. It can automatically update itself or even create new processes on the infected host. In addition, it is able to take snapshots and then distribute them to other hosts. It can also hide itself and make sure that it is not found by antivirus software.

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It is important to note that despite the fact that Emotet is known as a banking Trojan, it is not just limited to that and has several capabilities. It can also steal passwords, financial data, log files, cookies, etc.

It is a multi-threaded Trojan with an extra DLL called jcl.dll that allows it to run in protected mode.

It is often installed with other malware and it is usually set to delete itself after a few minutes, which makes it one of the stealthiest Trojans.

As of today, there is no known effective method for countering the main components of Emotet, including its command-and-control servers and the new activity logon module.

Malware examples

A rogue application that is capable of loading malicious code on your computer if you click on a malicious link.

The malware is well-hidden and can be installed via tricking the user into downloading a file.

If you open a malicious document, there is a chance that you might get infected.

The Trojan gains access to your online banking information and can steal money from your accounts.

It can extract information from your laptop or desktop and transfer it to remote servers.

However, it can also store your passwords and other sensitive data on its servers.

How to identify Emotet in your PC

EmoWatch is a free application that can detect the malware on your system by running a quick scan and looking for suspicious processes. You can run it in a safe mode for the scan and analysis to be performed with greater ease.

The malware can also replicate itself and copy itself from one computer to another. If you suspect that you have already been infected, then you can remove the Trojan by following these simple steps:

1. The first step is to run the Emotet removal tool to remove the Trojan.

2. You should now scan your computer for other malware infections and delete them if you find any.

3. You should also consider running a virus scan in order to ensure that there are no problems with your PC.

Other malware that might be present in your PC

Criollo ransomware is a nasty Trojan that encrypts the files in your computer and demands a payment of 0.00625 Bitcoins for the files to be decrypted. The attacker can also send you an email stating that your files are encrypted and that you need to pay the ransom

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