EhLib 9.1.024 For Rad Studio 10.3 Rio Full Source

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EhLib 9.1.024 For Rad Studio 10.3 Rio Full Source


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Net and Delphi for MacOS, PowerBuilder, Borland Delphi 7, AS3, C++Builder, Kylix, Borland C++Builder 2009, BDE 5, BDE 4, Delphi 6, Borland Delphi 2006, Borland C++Builder 2005, Borland Delphi 2005, and FireMonkey.


The main objective of the RAD Studio IDE is to make programming applications for Windows easier and more efficient, as well as to create high quality cross-platform applications. It also features other typical features that you can expect from an integrated development environment.

Delphi is able to compile C++ and C++/CLI. FireMonkey is a cross-platform UI toolkit (XPT), inspired by and compatible with Cocoa (MacOS) and Google’s WebKit for iOS. The FireMonkey API provides an object-oriented programming model, and a set of primitives for building user interfaces. The IDE can also be used to build Android applications.


Delphi does not use a graphical UI builder, which makes it particularly useful for applications which do not involve complex user interfaces. In a Delphi program, you start with the interface and end with the implementation of the class.

Delphi’s robust error checking and correction engine (EDB) makes it easier to find and fix errors.

RAD Studio brings together most of the components and libraries that Delphi developer traditionally use. The IDE, however, offers several features that were not available in previous versions.

Delphi applications can be both distributed as native executable programs (standalone) and as DLLs. It can also be used to create components to be used in other applications.

The IDE offers features such as code outlining, refactoring, and programmatic code exploration. You can implement code changes that you make in the IDE using the “Edit and Continue” feature.


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