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· Are you looking for a simple and efficient memory management solution to help you optimize your system and get a lot of free memory?
· EasyMem Serial Key is exactly that tool.
· You will be guided in the process by a friendly and easy-to-use interface.
· Available as a standalone program or as a portable installation.
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· It can monitor system resources and help you to keep your computer running for a long time.
· A simple yet powerful tool which will help you optimize and optimize the resources of your computer system.
· The primary purpose of this tool is to keep your system running.
· EasyMem Cracked Accounts provides a fast and easy way to manage and optimize your system resources.
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· Simple, lightweight and very easy to use, that’s the main purpose of EasyMem Free Download.
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· It’s also an excellent memory management tool which can help you keep your computer running.
· EasyMem Full Crack can help you to keep your computer running.
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EasyMem 1.4.3 PC/Windows

The built-in visualizations and analysis aren’t very exciting, but the range of available features makes it a valuable software, and an easy to use tool.

Description: Estimote beacons allow you to keep track of your motion, while also keeping an eye on what’s happening in the real world around you. This project, built on Arduino, allows you to build your own beacon. It can monitor motion, and could even act as a keylogger, if you prefer.
Feature list
– Supports beacons with 2.4 GHz range, transmitting at 915 MHz
– Supports various programming languages
– 100% open source and free
– Detachable antenna, so you can attach to your favorite device
– Clear look, minimalistic design
– DHT22 and nRF24L01 included to detect temperature and humidity in your environment
– Approximate range: 100 ft (30m) with 40% precision

Description: If you’re looking for a simple project to handle motion, pressure, distance and time data, this is for you. It’s based on PIC and FioMOS, a tool designed by the creators of the Arduino.
Feature list
– Arduino Uno compatible, shield included
– DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor (optional)
– NTP time server (optional)
– 3 buttons
– Fast circuit speed, nearly instant reaction time
– Battery charging circuit
– Analog inputs: 10, 2-12
– Can be programmed in C, C++, Java, Python and more

Description: If you’re looking for a simple project to handle motion, pressure, distance and time data, this is for you. It’s based on a PIC microcontroller, a sensor and the TinyOS programming language.
Feature list
– Raspberry Pi compatible
– Real time measurements
– Adafruit Feather HUZZAH library
– USB to serial adapter included
– Integrated battery charging circuit
– Can be programmed in C and C++
– Arduino compatible

Description: There’s an enormous range of different motion sensing tools out there, from advanced wireless methods to overly complex hardware. This project, built on Arduino, is quite interesting, because it doesn’t need a fixed location.

Description: There’s an enormous range of different motion sensing tools out there, from advanced wireless methods to overly complex hardware. This project, built on Arduino, is quite interesting, because it doesn’t need a fixed location. It supports both Bluetooth and WiFi, and can also be used as a basic IP camera and security tool.
Feature list
– IP cameras with motion detection
– Motion detection

The new Lite 1.0 beta version of EasyMem, a lightweight, but efficient memory management utility, has been released.
I am very pleased to announce the release of EasyMem v1.0 beta. This beta version is based on the last released version. I worked on some optimisations and added a few more features, making this release more efficient than the previous one.
To give you a feeling of what the new version is about, I have added a video of EasyMem v0.2. You can watch the video by clicking here: EasyMem 0.2 Beta
Here are the main changes in v1.0:
– Default memory optimization level changed to medium. This is an easier setting for people who want to use it.
– The option to save memory at the end of the session has been added.
– Optimization level for screenshots has been added.
– The tool is now able to save session information in a file.
– The progress bar of memory optimization now shows the memory usage percentage and also the total.
– Much more windows have been made transparent.
– New interface and new logo.
– Readme.txt added.
– Spanish and Russian translation added.
– All this in about 300 kb!
As you can see, I had a hard time getting v0.2 beta working because of my computer, and now v1.0 beta, although I will have to work harder to find a suitable.iso file to test it on.
In case the video above doesn’t work, you can view it here: EasyMem v0.2 beta
I want to thank to all of you for the support and the kind words about my work. The help I received, all the good suggestions and the contributions of everyone who helped me were very valuable. With your help, I believe I could reach my goal of having the best tool in its category.
If you have any questions about the program, feel free to ask them. Also, you can find the download link here: EasyMem v1.0 beta

Asus EEE Pc 1101 – Customized kernel – EZ Flash 3.8rc2 by steevke has been released.
The new EZ Flash 3.8rc2 software is the first release to contain a new customization interface. The new interface is mainly targeted at experienced users with a good knowledge of building the kernel, but is also easy to use for users that do not want to spend time building their own kernel.
The main reason to have the kernel built by the user is to allow users to customize it to the best of their preference. As it has been said, this new release will have an easy customization interface allowing to custom build it with as many options as desired. The main function of the customization interface is to allow the users to build customized kernels for use with the ASUS EEE Pc 1101


EasyMem 1.4.3 Crack+ [Mac/Win]

EasyMem is a program that monitors the amount of memory used by each process running on your system. It can adjust the size of existing memory regions, meaning it can free up some space.
* * *

The version which you are installing is an update to the previously released version, which is available from the following link:

The VAC is an online service that protects your computer from malicious software such as viruses, spyware, adware, and potentially unwanted applications. This free service allows you to scan and remove threats, as well as keep track of potentially unwanted software. Please be aware that this tool may not remove all infections, or be able to, as malware is often difficult to remove.Western Union and other payment processors make billions of dollars every year from services that you can access on your phone, but there are other ways to pay without a bank account.

The technology that enables payments is getting a lot more affordable, and hackers are finding ways to use it to their advantage. A recent report by CSO Online showed that nearly 2,000 Android apps that are affiliated with the darknet market Silk Road – a digital marketplace on the Deep Web used for the illegal sale of illicit goods – had the ability to make bitcoin or litecoin payments.

The report by security firm Palo Alto Networks suggests that because the methods are easy to develop, it could make it a “step-change” in the evolution of cybercrime in the future.

We’re already used to seeing criminals use digital currencies to pay for things like ransomware and botnets. Now, it’s not just the cybercriminals.

“The ability to convert digital currency into and out of the banking system is the holy grail for anyone wishing to commit fraud. Criminals are already doing this,” Palo Alto Networks said in a statement to the Daily Dot.

Bitcoin and mobile payment processors

The ability to accept payments in cryptocurrency means that cybercriminals can instantly cash out cybercriminal profits, without waiting for their money to be converted to physical currency.

That’s not to say that it’s easy, and it’s only feasible for those with enough technical knowledge. But, if you have access to the right apps and are willing to put in a little bit of time, you could get access to a much larger pool of victims than you’d otherwise.

One of the more well-known mobile apps that allow


Macro recorder and text editor.
KEYMACRO Features:
– Encrypted Database(Macro-Book)
– User interface:
* simple and clear.
* powerful and easy-to-use.
* doesn’t need to be a signi…

Deezer PC software



Deezer PC software

Deezer PC is the world’s leading digital music streaming and online radio company. For its services, Deezer offers a free mobile application, a web player and its own PC software. It has more than 12 million active users and the company has been named “the one to watch” by Technology Review in the “Internet 100” ranking.
Deezer PC software allows users to connect and log into their Deezer accounts and listen to the music on PC, mobile, tablet and TV devices. It’s also a music organizer that gives access to your entire music library and lets you listen to your favourite music, discover new music, create playlists, and share your playlists with friends and family.
Key Features:
Music library
* Find music in your computer, portable media player or in the Internet.
* Share your music playlists with friends and family through email or social networks.
* Discover new music through artists’ profiles, a special recommendations system, and related searches.
Personalise your music experience with a variety of settings.
* Create, share and listen to playlists through the web player, mobile apps, your PC or on your TV.
* You can listen to your entire music library or a selected playlist at once.
Sync your playlists to all your devices.
Sort music in different ways
* Use the tree view to organise your music by album, artist, genre, collection or year.
* You can see how many times a song has been played and view the details.

Read 3D audio books, eBooks and audiobooks



Read 3D audio books, eBooks and audiobooks

Read 3D audio books, eBooks and audiobooks

This app reads 3D audio books, eBooks and audiobooks. It has 5 volume-changing options, and provides speech and full-screen reading. It supports EPUB, PDF, TXT, MP3, CHM


What’s New In?

* EasyMem v3.3.2 supports Windows 10 Anniversary Update
* Work on memory monitor window – it should be more responsive and a better user interface
* Faster and smoother optimization when using “Fix Available Windows” mode
* Quicker analysis and optimization when you use it as an “Exclusive Instance”
* Improved size and loading indicator of “Fix Available Windows” and “Exclusive Instance” modes
* Many other minor improvements and bug fixes

Memory optimization for your system (when it is not overloaded by the application)

Do you know how many applications that you have running on your PC at a time? The number of processes and the amount of memory they occupy can cause problems for your performance. EasyMem is designed to help you with these problems by optimizing the amount of available memory for your system. The program scans your PC and informs you about the amount of memory in real time, so you can easily monitor and adjust your system settings.
Let’s take a closer look at the new features and functionality of EasyMem 3.3.
Use mode selection
The most useful feature in the latest version of the program is its ability to work with three different modes. You can easily determine the amount of memory available to your computer and start the optimization process by choosing the most convenient mode for your system.
There are three modes available:

Optimizing the system for your specific PC (recommended).

The “Fix Available Windows” option scans the computer for open Windows and processes. Each of these processes is then assigned a percentage value which shows how much of your available memory the process is using. After a quick scan, the program evaluates the impact on the system and the possible solutions. It also informs you about the memory available for each of the open windows.

Optimizing a specific window (also recommended).

If you have an application which takes up a lot of memory, you can take advantage of the “Fix Available Windows” feature. The optimization tool scans the open Windows and determines which one is causing the most problems, and suggests the best solutions to improve the situation. The tool then analyzes the difference in available memory before and after the optimization.

Optimizing an exclusive instance (also recommended).

If you want to quickly fix a problem in a specific application without any other applications open, you can try the “Exclusive Instance” mode. The program runs a scan on your system, identifying and fixing the memory problems in the application


System Requirements For EasyMem:

OS: Windows 7, 8.1, or Windows 10 64-bit (includes Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 Update)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.2GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 470 or Radeon HD 5850
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 1 GB available space
Additional Notes: All files must be owned by the current logged-on user
OS: Windows 10

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