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.zip. The tutorial says it will detect the device when it is plugged in but it doesnt. I even tried the official.inf file from the website (not the.zip) and it does not detect it either. The main concern is that I’m getting near $1000 for a new laptop and I dont want to spend it all on a used one and then find out it doesnt work. So I tried buying a used system and it doesnt work. Help?


You have a bad USB device.

Do not use the official drivers provided by the Windows Team, they are probably not even able to detect a good device and that’s why your device doesn’t work.

You have to find a hardware that works with the USB device you are trying to connect to your PC, this means, probably, that you need to install a driver on a laptop and try if the device will work or not, if not, then, find a different USB device.

Please, look at these links:


I had the same problem a while ago. I searched the web, and found a fix.

Try this:

But this did not work.

Try this instead:

It works for me.

A USB device may not “work” or it could just not work for you. Try other USB ports on the same motherboard (if you have a multi-port motherboard) and if you’re getting the same result try a different USB cable. If you’re using a USB hub on the motherboard, try using a USB card instead. You may just have a bad USB device.


How can I increase scroll-bar width?

My project requires a page to have a scroll bar. But, I can’t seem to make it larger than default. How can I increase the width of the scroll bar?

Set the width of the scrollbar to whatever you want













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