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has_systemd: how do you know you have 0xB/0xA0?

have fun

dunno where the kernel sources are

that i can see

looks like its compiled with systemd

maybe it’s paging

the boot.elf is copied to the ram and is on the pages that weren’t used for booting, instead of paging it to the swap so that when the system boots they get used up and can be swapped back later

ubuntu has systemd AFAIK

reinstall that kernel?


i think its version 2 or something like that

why not?

i have no idea how to reinstall it

i wasnt sure how

im on ubuntu 16.04


i have some kind of systemd in there

the kernel one

but i doubt it

*the* one is not a kernel, it is the bootloader

like grub

has_systemd: lets not go trolling, this is ubuntu support please

EriC^^: didnt catch your knowledge of systemd :p

you are trolling now.


has_systemd is back


my bad

how can i find out what version of systemd im running

lotuspsychje: not at all, i’m just saying i know a lot about it, read the archwiki on it and it’s systemd even in the unices

has_systemd: lsb_release -a

( 😎

actually it is on 18













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