Download Dxcpl.exe Windows 7 64

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Download Dxcpl.exe Windows 7 64


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bit 32 bit

I have this problem, xbox and ms office not on my PC. I installed the Wine AppDB to see if it is in there. It shows the installer of xbox emulator and DirectX SDK as installed on my PC.

So how do I install dxcpl on my PC? I want to be able to play games via the xbox console.

I am running Windows 7 64bit, the AMD processor is not listed in the Wine AppDB installer.

I want to install the xbox emulator and SDK to be able to install other game emulators on my PC.

Please help me with my problem.


You can use the 64bit Wine Application to run DirectX on your 32bit system.

It has come pre-installed on a few different Linux distributions such as Ubuntu.

You can then use Wine to install and run the DX SDK from the Ubuntu Software Center as well.

Once you have the SDK installed, you can download and install the Xbox Emulator for Windows from the same software center or you can download it directly from

Once the emulator is installed, you can use Wine’s appdb to install various games to play.


Cant add title to a simple as3 html page

Hi I am making a simple as3 html page that looks like this

Test Page

Test text

This text will appear if your browser does not support the video tag.

The problem is I cant get the title to appear on the web page, and im sure it must be easy but I have tried many of the solutions I have seen elsewhere, all of which have not worked. Thanks for any help


Test Page

You have a typo in your code.













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