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Category:Windows gamesHow does your organization help people affected by poverty, environmental degradation, or terrorism? How does it maintain a sense of the dignity of the poor and oppressed? How does it honor justice? How does it show respect for those who can’t defend themselves?

To many of us, these are ancient questions. But the crisis of the late twenty-first century is not only a crisis of ideologies. It is also a crisis of actors: the powerful, the innocent, the guilty. The many-sided challenge of contemporary geopolitics has revealed the widespread injustice of contemporary society. Today we see increasing opportunities for international humanitarian relief and legal redress. We see the rise of global civil society. We see the worldwide emergence of a resistance to the extreme economic inequalities of our time. We see new forms of economic justice and economic democracy: the emergence of forms of direct democracy in the form of national and regional governments, as well as new forms of local democracy in the form of communities and cities.

There are other emerging actors as well. They include the reanimated and rejuvenated Catholic church, with a growing presence in many parts of the world. We see a growing resurgence of the Evangelical movement. We see growing popular protest movements, from the Dakota Access Pipeline protests of 2016 to the mobilizations of the climate movement. We see an ever-growing involvement of women in many parts of the world. And we see a growing willingness to find out what is possible with contemporary technology, in order to mitigate and ameliorate some of the abuses of the past. We also see, with some degree of clarity, the growing connections between the civic and political culture of the United States and the world.

Together, these are promising signs of hope. But these are also ominous signs, for they challenge the very basic assumptions of the contemporary liberal democracy. To be clear: I am not suggesting that the existing political order is perfect or without problems. But it is the order of the moment, and it offers a far more hopeful direction for the future than the alternatives on offer.

The alternative political order is the rising wave of authoritarianism: the global resurgent authoritarian right; the authoritarian right in many parts of the world; the strengthening of the newly minted authoritarian left; and the continued push by the remaining leaders of













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