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Price, $79.95. A wide variety of topics are covered in this book. Topics include:

• General Equations for DSP

• Hardware DSP

• Building an Analog-to-Digital Converter

• Building a DSP Algorithm

• Digital Signal Processing II

• Fast Fourier Transforms

• Digital Signal Processing Applications

• Multicarrier Modulation

• Phase-locked Loops

• Transmission of Radio Frequency (RF) Signals

• Time-interleaving

• The Transmitters and Receive Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC)

• Analog Filtering

• Fading

• Spread Spectrum Signals

• Noise

• Interference

• Padding the Fractional

• In-phase and Quadrature-phase Signals

• Communication Theory

• The Internet

• Downloading MP3 and AVI files


• Digital Imaging

• Deep Dreaming

• Local Metric Systems

This book is filled with tables and figures to help you quickly understand these topics. The book also gives a thorough review of these topics using practical examples. For example, the book covers the basic EIDT (Equivalent Inductance-to-Impedance) equations for a T-D network. They also cover the basics of the 2-port, 3-port and 4-port networks, i.e., T-D, T-C, and D-C.

Each chapter starts with a comprehensive introduction to the topic, followed by examples and exercises. The book has an excellent index. It also has CD-ROM support for the practice problems. Also included are the solutions and all the figures and tables.

This book is well written and very readable. It is full of practical examples. The examples are intended to help you quickly understand the DSP topic. Also, the book gives many examples using 8051 microcontroller, and the code can be downloaded as well.

The first chapter is an introduction to Digital Signal Processing. It reviews the basic definitions, such as sine and cosine waves, continuous signal, Fourier transforms, and integer and floating-point numbers. This chapter provides a brief review of digital logic and gives a historical perspective. It introduces all the topics using examples and exercises.

This book has a thorough













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