Did you know that the Natural Hair Movement has reached India? Even though 60% of the world’s population has either curly or wavy hair, Indians have always considered straight hair the ideal. In Indian society, women with curly hair are viewed as quirky or rebellious whilst men with curls are seen as unruly or lacking discipline. These views are only reinforced by cinema and the media. However the tide is turning and many Indian women are learning to embrace their curls. Angela Vaz is a freelance illustrator from Bengaluru. She was bullied in school for her curly hair and as an adult resorted to chemical treatments to straighten her hair. However the advent of social media connected Vaz to the wider ‘Curly Girl’ community and helped her to embrace her curls. Her own instagram page @straycurls is devoted to comic strips sharing her story of hair acceptance and pride. Swipe left for a selection of her illustrations. Portrait above of an Indian lady from Mumbai, photographed in the early 19th Century. . . If you enjoy my posts please consider making a small donation using the ko-fi link in my bio . . #india #indian #southasian #naturalhair #naturalhairmovement #curlygirl #curlyhair

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