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that is

he quit

_[Diablo]: Not all cards are equal… I suggest setting up the radeons on the hdmi to maximum settings, then when you have the display set up properly, then turn the gpu down to see if the rendering issues go away

_[Diablo]: usually it’s the gpu

_[Diablo]: and make sure it’s set up correctly

ikonia, I don’t have a hdmi, so I can’t check it out

I have a displayport


_[Diablo]: just a few things to check

_[Diablo]: its not a big deal, some cards can handle res at higher resolutions, some cant

_[Diablo], I have had the same issue with HDMI with windows 8 and on a USB monitor, with the standard resolution.

ok, I will check it out

BluesKaj, on Ubuntu?

_[Diablo], on Ubuntu and the hdmi on a usb monitor

BluesKaj, I have an nvidia gtx 580


_[Diablo]: I suggest using some sort of livecd and booting it to the disk. Then it wont run your video at boot time, and you can test it easier

_[Diablo], so i was told, I run a old ati onboard igp on that machine which is not a problem for my needs, and I tried several video modes on the dvi and hdmi on windows 8

on the laptop

BluesKaj: does your display look funny on your laptop monitor?

pfifo, no, I tried a few resolutions that I could get on the laptop

BluesKaj: can you get into’safe mode’?













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