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May 24, 2020
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Bi2O3 is widely used in ceramics and optical devices. One of the most important ways of growing the ceramic materials is using heterogeneous nucleation, which is an inherently slow process. In this study, we successfully prepared one-dimensional nanostructures of Bi2O3 and two-dimensional (2D) nanostructured thin films by a new laser ablation technique. The oxide films were deposited on a hot plate, and the laser ablation was performed at the surface of the oxide thin films. The morphology of the fabricated oxides was determined by scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction. The size of the oxide nanoparticles was controllable by the laser beam parameters. The annealing of the deposited Bi2O3 thin films resulted in Bi2O3 crystallites and the formation of a three-dimensional (3D) network structure. The 3D structure was formed by rearranging the grains into larger supergrains with a uniform grain size. In the 3D structure, Bi2O3 and Bi2Te3 mixed phases were formed by diffusion of oxygen and tellurium from the substrate into the oxide film. This mixed phase had a different lattice constant and thermal expansion coefficient from the substrate. The corresponding change in the strain was reflected in the morphology of the structure. The 3D structure of the obtained Bi2O3 thin film was useful for the formation of advanced functional devices because of the 3D porous structure.Ajman Club the real deal

Published: 16 December 2007

Despite appearances, Ajman Club is a real-deal club in the true sense. This is the opinion of its owner, Mohammed Al Noaimi, a local gentleman who sets standards in English










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