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crack-ng usb-modeswitch airmon-ng lsd2usb airmon-ng lsd2usb-v2.4 lspci -nnk |grep -i net lspci -nnk | grep -i eth


bad paste

nannes, ok i need to reformat my usb stick, when i installed ubuntu it did not recognize it, i am soo going to reinstall it, when i installed vista it recognized the usb drive

deadbody: ok, just test it. Then come back 馃檪

deadbody, try to remove vista, and insert the cd it doesnt need a windows to install but it need to be an ubuntu

FoamY_-, fwd: cant help you with the direct pass on macs, i don’t use OSX, just dual booting

phishie ok thanks



luciano_: yes and?

luciano_, you cant remove vista with the ubuntu cd?

luciano_, i mean the vista installer cd


deadbody, if i just insert the cd in the cd drive my computer wont find the cd

deadbody, you need to remove the cd rom first

luciano_, i guess if you unplug the usb stick and put the cd in the cd drive it wont work

deadbody, yes

deadbody, i have same problem

luciano_: do you have an eject function?

deadbody, i tried it

arghx, no

luciano_, ok im going to read this thread i think it will help you to remove ubuntu and use the vista installer cd to format it and install ubuntu :

luciano_: then you can’t eject the drive from the CD menu













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