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Safari – turn on/off autoplay while using mediaElement.js

I’m developing a mobile app using MarionetteJS. I have a video playing on my page and am using the mediaElement.js plugin.
When a button is clicked the video automatically starts playing. When the video is done playing and I click another button, the video should stop playing.
Unfortunately, if I start playing the video (not using the autoplay) and then click the button to stop it, the video starts playing again.
On Android, I’ve found that there is an option that controls this. It’s a setting in the Android settings that “Automatically play when listening to music”. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to do this on iOS.
Is there any way to disable/enable autoplay while using mediaElement.js?


I found out how to do it. You have to disable autoplay using the HTML5 property “controls” (just like on iOS).


Aerial view of a man walking by the Sudanese site of al-Obeid, south of the city of al-Khartoum, in March 2006. The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously Tuesday to extend the mandate of an international peacekeeping force in Sudan for one year, but did not cut funding to the mission.

At least 19 UN peacekeepers have been killed in an ambush in South Sudan, where six civilians and two security personnel died Monday, and the United Nations is calling on the government to give the troops safe passage out of the country.

After a day of skirmishes and mortar fire, the troops of the UN’s African Union peacekeeping force were attacked by a large group of men in the village of Tut, near the South Sudan border, at about 9 a.m. local time on Monday.

The peacekeepers came under heavy gunfire and had to withdraw for about four hours, with sporadic clashes continuing throughout the day.

Abouaam Atta, a spokesman for the Sudanese opposition, says the peacekeepers are now in a refugee camp in the neighboring country of Uganda.

Rights groups have long condemned the AU’s force, known as UNAMID, for being inadequately equipped and trained. In addition to the thousands of African troops deployed in the country










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