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NO SPEAKE ENLISH!, juanbondazul, wolter

ant I assume it works fine on my friends computer?

mxavier: how does the “you are no longer identified” message pop up? What I mean is, if it says “Failed to read file.” then it says “You are no longer identified” it is not you, it is who cares who?

redspike, ubuntu is the most powerfull OS


redspike, is like MS Pro at working

I am still using Windows for gaming

But Ubuntu is much much better at all the rest

mxavier: I am not saying anything, just asking a question.

l0st1, ejeyeman

XP and Windows do work great on their own 🙂

!register > nox-Hand

Windows is just better for gaming

Ubuntu works better for everything else, though

vox: It states that I am no longer identified to nickserv

nox-Hand, do you have an XP pro on your work pc?

mikm[laptop] : Yeah, it’s like a year old one

nox-Hand: Information about registering your Freenode nick is at

nox-Hand: I disagree. The only reason I play games on XP is because I have no other games on Linux.

mxavier: weird. You may be a registered nick or have a registered nick

I just set the password for this nick on install, and I am still able to identify

I didn’t change it from default though, the software provided that ability

mikm[laptop] : I mean, the OS is like, the only thing I use on that PC













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