Color Sorting Mug Tree

Here, the objective is very simple, place the rings on the tree, separating them by color! An easy task for you and me, but actually requires great visual perception, concentration, and thinking skills for a toddler! Children can generally sort and group colors before they can identify them by name, making this a great beginners activity for your little one! What’s required: A mug tree, easy to find, and you may even already have one in your home. The rings can also be found, unpainted, on Amazon! A quick and easy DIY to paint them yourself. This activity is good for: hand-eye coordination, fine motor development, finger isolation, and learning colors! As we ease our way in, at 18 months, Yumi is just at the age to begin these types of learning activities, so here’s to trying to make it as fun and engaging, yet simple, as possible!

Note: I have divided the colors of the rainbow in half doing red, orange, yellow, first, and green, blue, purple second. Totally not a necessary step! Additionally, you could opt to paint the pegs of the mug tree the colors of the rainbow, so that the objective becomes matching the ring to the corresponding peg!

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