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No doubt you’ll save yourself a significant amount of cash by sticking to the cheapest one.

Shareware Gold

This is the more expensive variant, featuring enhanced artificial intelligence, a better sounding voice, special reports (including a patented Business Profiler and Industry Profiler), stock listings, stock graphs and a better stock chart. It’s also available as a Windows application for Windows 95/98/2000, and an OS/2 version for OS/2 Warp 4.

Linux Gold

Announced in September 2004, this is a Linux version of the Standard version, though it still has limitations. It has the same database and graphical user interface as the Standard version, though there is a slightly different, but also unique, user interface, called the ActiveInterface, which was developed exclusively for this Linux version. It is capable of handling stocks, trends, market data, and more.

Shareware Platinum

After the latest additions to the Shareware Gold series, Kapsa Enterprise gained the Shareware Platinum title. It now comes in two varieties, Standard and Enterprise. It features the same database, chart, and user interface as its Standard sibling. It is also available in Windows, Linux and OS/2 versions.

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