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NET is not required. So you can use CNC v7.1 and even CNC v7.2.


CIMCO Edit v7.1 is designed to meet the needs of end-users who create, edit, maintain and control CNC programs on a computer. CNC programmers typically develop their own CNC software programs. CIMCO provides a user-friendly platform with a visual CNC programming environment. This software offers easy-to-use features that allow you to program from within the Visual CNC environment.

CIMCO Edit v7.1 software includes hundreds of additional features and tools that simplify the process of programming. These features include:



CNC programming

CNC tools and Machine Templates

Visual CNC

In the Visual CNC the programming and operation of a CNC machine is done by dragging and dropping graphical components onto a screen. These components control the path of the machine, all the functions required to turn a virtual part on a virtual CNC machine into a real physical part.


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