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As a designer, you can create new parts, then define their functional requirements (based on your design specs). As a modeler, you can access the parts and use .Once you complete your build, you can .Once the parts are done, you can add them to your workflows .And, finally, you can manage your projects with Cimatron with one-stop shop software for your entire .Probing the relevance of ion-pair catalytic activation for cyclopropanations with Tf2 N: facile delivery of imidazolium ions to monomeric Cp-Ru(II).

Synthesis of a metallacarborane-derived “dimer” compound in which a penta-coordinated Ru(II) center is bound to the metallacarborane via a σ-bond is reported. The “dimer” compound showed higher activity than the tetrahedral analogue and was used as a model compound for an ion-pair catalyst in monomeric Ru-catalyzed cyclopropanations. [Tf2 N](2) (tetra-n-butylammonium dicyanoaurate(III) perchlorate) and water were used as a reaction medium. The cyclopropane products were isolated in moderate to high yields by distillation. In addition to the cyclopropanes, the ion-pair catalyst is recovered as a yellow dimer in the product mixture. X-ray crystallographic analysis and (1)H NMR spectroscopic analysis indicated that the solvent-derived ion-pair species was present in the Ru-carbene intermediate. The ion-pair catalyst (1/1) was found to be the most active among the catalysts examined. The presence of a noncoordinated N atom of the ammonium ion accelerates the reaction, which is attributed to the activation of the catalyst by the noncoordinated N atom.Q:

Apex – Pre/Postcall modifier to Inputs

In Apex, is there any way to modify the input (pre/postcall) before it is saved? I have been experimenting with it for a while now and it doesn’t seem to work. I was thinking of a way to use a trigger, to run the code that will change the values of a field before it is saved.


You cannot change the values of a field when it is being













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