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Change7 I Ching Full Crack is a free and open-source digital oracle. It is based on the Ch’ien lun – Book of Changes – where each hexagram represents a different way of understanding the world. The user can select which oracle method he would like to use, namely the coins or yarrow-stalk method. The oracle answers can be saved in the database and retrieved afterwards. The I Ching can be consulted by using the books provided, and also used for fortune-telling.
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Change7 I Ching Crack Activation Key

■■ The Wilhem hexagrams are the original I Ching text. The text is literal and has no connection to an easy-to-understand life advice.

■■ The original yarrow-stalks are metaphorically connected to the animal world. They have a graphic, sometimes romantic quality. This system, still in use, provides a deeper insight into life. This interface has been created in cooperation with the Open I Ching and is a powerful tool for I Ching research.

■■ In the case of the coins method, the yarrow-stalks can only be read for three times.

■■ Users can add their own notes to the hexagrams, including their own interpretations.

■■ The books is perfectly linked and can be read in any way.

■■ The interface is fully configurable, making it easy to navigate and print the images.

■■ User can retrieve and print the words of the yarrow-stalks.

■■ A Chinese text pane, side by side to the Wilhelm translation, is available, so that the literal meaning of the book can be checked.

■■ The oracle database can store oracle answers for up to 30 times.


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Change7 I Ching is a hyperlinked Chinese book with hexagrams that can be used for both fortune-telling and insight into an archaic philosophical world.

You can consult the I Ching with the coins or the stalks method, using an animated interface. Each hexagram has an explanatory field (Wilhelm text) and a pragmatic interpretation targeted to track your life.

Here are some key features of “Change7 I Ching”:

■ The Oracle can be consulted either with the coins or the yarrow-stalk method, using an animated interface.

■ Oracle answers can be stored in a database. Afterwards they can be searched and analyzed by using different tools.

■ Guidance for interpreting the Oracle answers is provided, to let users know which parts of the received hexagrams have to be read.

■ The hexagrams texts include both the Wilhem-Baynes translation plus a pragmatic interpretation targeted to diary life.

■ The interface is fully configurable and allows easy navigation using hyperlinks, and reading of the texts.

■ A Chinese text pane, with a literal word by word translation of the Book of Changes, can be opened, side to side to the Wilhelm translation. This feature is very handy or the serious I Ching aficionado, since only in that way one can apprehend the whole range of meanings or the Oracle answers.

■ Users can add their own words and insights to the text, creating in that way their own interpretations of each hexagram.


■ Neither hexagram’s texts nor oracle answers can be printed.

■ The oracle can be consulted only for 30 times.

■ Comments cannot be appended to the lines, only to the Hexagram, Judgment and Image.

■ Cannot search text.

■ The original Chinese text is shown only for the Judgment and the Image, but not for the lines.


This model will not necessarily give you correct interpretations. You can always obtain an Oracle result by using the button. The Oracle can also be consulted using the navigation tools in the upper right hand corner.

Change7 I Ching Version is a computerized Hyperlinked Chinese Book with hexagrams for both fortune-telling and insight into an archaic philosophical world.

You can consult the I Ching with the coins or the stalks method, using an animated interface. Each hexagram has an explanatory field (Wilhelm text) and a pragmatic interpretation targeted to track your life.

Here are some key features of “Change7 I Ching”:



Change7 I Ching

“The art of Change7 I Ching is not merely to understand the meaning of the Oracle, but to live it.”
Wilhelm oracle, F&R (1933), p.3.
“The Goetheanum is an advanced center of spiritual life in the heart of the old West, a center for the study of Occidental tradition as well as for the training of a few selected individuals in the skills of modern occultism.”
Schwarzwald Immigrantenverein, “So eine Kultur oder Verschwendung?” on the Goetheanum period (1906-1911).
“It is the aim of The Goetheanum to formulate a new view on the world and man which corresponds to the new condition, the material and spiritual confusion of our time. We would like to create a new world in which mankind can again build up a spiritual value system. Then again man will be able to turn to the divinities, to the cosmic powers and to the world of nature for strength and meaning. In this way man will recognize his true origin in the spiritual. In this world he will create the new age of brotherhood, peace, and spiritual culture.”
Goetheanum Records:
■ David R. Gordon. “The Dawning of a New Era.” (Goetheanum Records, NYC)
■ Arvid Schmidt. “Joint Statement from the Committee to Terminate Certain Activities of The Goetheanum, Inc.” (Goetheanum Records, NYC)
■ “The Goetheanum, Inc. Files.” (Goetheanum Records, NYC)
“The original Goetheanum I Ching is a rare artifact of the early 20th century. The point of departure for this book is the classical tradition, which encompasses the old Chinese and Indian literature and the Greek Golden Age of the Classical period. As in many of these cultures, the I Ching is the pathfinder and a source of inspiration in the spiritual journey.”
Arvid Schmidt. Review of the book.
“This is a deeply interesting collection of the I Ching. The book brings us face to face with the essential structures of the I Ching.”
J. G. Brennan, “Book Review: The Secret I Ching.”
“It is amazing to find such gems. Most people have never heard of the book. A few of the past scholars have also stated that they


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What’s New In Change7 I Ching?

Version 3.4.1:
■ The “Black Forest” interface can now be used, and can be placed at the top or at the bottom of the interface.
■ An important usability improvement, the Oracle can now be consulted not only for 30 times, but also for 60 times.
■ The “Oracles Options” tool is now added to the “Oracles” menu. Here users can configure some oracle options.
■ A major usability improvement, users can now select, in the Oracle “Options” tool, the oracles they want to consult, rather than having to select them all.
■ A user can now select the duration for which an oracle is valid.
■ The “Pragmatics” tab has been added to the interface. This new tab provides an overview of all the oracles consulted in the last 30 times, with the indication of their occurrence and their duration.
■ Users can now configure whether the Fortune field of a new oracle is filled with the oracle value or with a generic sentence.
■ The “Mark a Point” tool can now be used for any hexagram.
■ An important usability improvement, users can now add a new “Point” in the hexagram page.
■ A new “Font Size” option has been added to the hexagram page.
■ The oracle result can be exported in a JSON or a CSV format.
■ Changes in the rendering of the Judgment, Image and Status.
■ The interface has been improved, e.g. the hexagram page is now split in two pages and the color of the hexagram lines has been changed.
What’s New in Change7 I Ching:
Version 3.3.1:
■ A new interface has been created for the Chinese text of the hexagrams. It includes a literal translation of the hexagram, and side by side, an English translation that is relevant for the judgment and the image of the hexagram.
■ A new text field has been added to the hexagram page to permit the user to insert his own “experience” text.
■ An important usability improvement, hexagrams with a Judgment and Image that share the same color can be consolidated in the same page.
■ A new hexagram, “Drowning” has been added


System Requirements For Change7 I Ching:

•Mac OS X 10.6 or later
•iOS 7.0 or later
•Android 4.0 or later
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