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how to remove elements of a tuple in python

I have a tuple like this

c = [(‘aaaa’, ’33’), (‘bbbb’, ’33’), (‘cccc’, ’33’), (‘dddd’, ’33’)]

I want to remove the first elements from each tuple. Can anybody please tell me how to do that?


You can use a list comprehension

result = [x[1:] for x in c]

Which removes the first element of each element of c.


How to define custom module with Travis-CI

I am new to Travis-CI and have created a custom module that uses multiple.js files.

How can I make sure that the.js files are copied to the public/build directory? I know I can specify a.js file in a.travis.yml file, but can I add a custom.js file into the.travis.yml and make sure that it gets copied to the public/build directory?

If you’ve got multiple files that you want to copy to the output directory, you can use the include or append feature of the travis-file and travis-setup commands. The following example copies all *.js files that are in the public/js folder to the output directory.



– travis-setup workspace

language: node_js


– node

– node_modules/

– public/


– public/js/**/*.js


Hope this helps.

Cardiopulmonary effects of high dose methylprednisolone therapy in a case of dermatomyositis.

High dose methylprednisolone therapy was administered to a 51 year old woman with dermatomyositis. The patient received a daily dose of 960 mg methylprednisolone for 10 days. During the therapy, she was found to be in a state of metabolic acidosis and respiratory failure. She was successfully treated with diuretic therapy, intermittent oxygen supplementation and fluid replacement. The causes of the severe metabolic and respiratory complications are discussed.Tips and Tricks for a Great Mobile App













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