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Category:Mojang as a result of normal aging.[@R11] [@R12] We found that PRL levels are elevated in older healthy men but not in older women. Despite a small number of subjects per age group in the present study, however, our findings are consistent with previous studies. Thus, the present study indicates that serum PRL levels are not sex-specific in older men or women. Further studies are required to examine serum PRL levels in older men and women in other ethnic groups.

Our finding that serum PRL levels are reduced in older subjects is consistent with previous studies that reported significant age-related reductions in serum PRL levels in healthy men and women.[@R4] [@R14] [@R15] [@R19] We demonstrated that age-related reduction in serum PRL levels in men is statistically significant compared with women. However, in this study, the difference in serum PRL levels between age groups was not statistically significant between the men and women in the same age group, which could be explained by the small number of subjects and short study period.

Several studies have investigated the relationship between serum PRL levels and age in men and women, and the findings are inconsistent. Some studies showed that serum PRL levels are reduced with age in both men and women.[@R4] [@R14] [@R19] Some reported no sex-specific differences in serum PRL levels among different age groups, whereas others reported higher serum PRL levels in women than men in older age groups.[@R5] [@R6] [@R9] [@R20] [@R21] We found that serum PRL levels are significantly reduced in older men than women. This might be explained by the estrogenic effect on PRL secretion, because menopausal women have significantly lower serum estrogen levels than premenopausal women. In addition, the reduced levels of PRL in men may be related to the decrease in testosterone levels with age, but the detailed mechanism is unclear.[@R22]

The clinical significance of reduced serum PRL levels in older men remains controversial. PRL levels in the normal range are reported to have no effect on the bone mass and bone turnover markers.[@R4] [@R20] However, the serum PRL levels in women in premenopausal period are generally higher than those in men, and serum PRL levels in men are low compared with those













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