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With The Gut Check, you can quickly evaluate the health of your current eating habits, predict future weight gain and solve common nutrition problems—all with the help of a team of doctors and nutritionists that have the expertise and knowledge to help you identify and address your nutritional issues in a comprehensive and personalized way. In addition to being a smart way to track your progress over time, the Gut Check is a highly effective way to eat healthy, get your weight under control and boost your energy levels.

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The Gut Check gives you what you need to know about improving your gut health and making the best possible food choices. It is the first comprehensive guide to gut health that fully addresses the important connection between your gut and your overall health.

It is recommended that you read The Gut Check alongside the Food Plate, described below.

Are you a teenager or a parent trying to help your child eat better? The Gut Check is packed with tips to help you provide an environment that is safe, effective and convenient.

The Gut Check makes it easy for you to reduce sugar and refined carbs and balance healthy and unhealthy foods. You’ll find out how to develop a healthy relationship with food and build a healthy metabolism.

The Gut Check is filled with delicious recipes, packed with helpful tips and interviews with experts in gut health.

The Gut Check also contains material from the HON Publication Handbook, including The Food Plate and The Clean Plate Guidelines.

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During pregnancy, you need to get as much exercise as you can, and work with a nutritionist to make sure you’re getting a healthy balance of nutrients.

Make sure you are eating small meals throughout the day.

The Gut Check will give you all the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your baby, including










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