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Stoner Rock’n’Roll reruns!!! Tape College Music… and everything in between!!!

Nice mixes you’ve compiled. This is an idea I’m toying with as I also mix up my vinyl. The ones I’ve done so far are

The first mix is total sh#t, but I’d rather listen to the one on the label than a worse recording of the same song. I bought a used turntable a few years ago and still haven’t figured it out yet.

The second one has a beat so completely out of time with the rest of the song it just seems fake. I never liked that song anyway…

The third was more successful. I like the release, it has a real “stereo” sound to it. I like how the record has no sound bleed into it. I did a lot of volume changes during the mix, I like to change the volume of all the instruments in a song… especially on dance and R&B. But if you don’t change the volume you may get a harsh beat because the volume is exactly the same throughout the song.

To see it, you have to have a PC. As in “Windows.” The actual Mac with Mac OS X is a computer made by Apple Inc. (Anyone remember the old name of Steve’s company – Apple?). Though it is not “MicroSoft.” It has a different operating system, or software, or whatever it is called.

The guy who runs the track search on ROKU is down in Arkansas. The NASDAQ symbol for the company is “ROKU.” The company makes a box that is a dongle you plug into your router to use the on-demand streaming stuff. “ROKU” stands for “Roku, Inc.” It is not the name of the company, it is a description.

The company runs many other boxes, but Roku is the most popular. The name of the company has nothing to do with Roku. The company is based in Saratoga, California. Roku was named after a song by the band Yes, of the same name.

I can’t remember who wrote the original piece of music, or where it was from. I have added my edit on top of the sample track, and it is a remix of the original beat.













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