“Blessed Be” Crystal & Reiki Infused Soy Intention Candle

In the orient, sandalwood is a funeral herb believed to carry the soul into the next life. With sandalwood, deep states of relaxation take place on the spiritual level. Burning sandalwood incense can benefit healing work by promoting a deeper relaxed state in the healer, increasing spiritual energy. Sandalwood also relaxes the heart and throat chakras.


  • Crystals: Blue Calcite, Clear Quartz
  • Fragrance: Sandalwood & Vanilla
  • Accent: Cornflower petals


100% Soy Wax + Fragrance blends with one or two crystals. Each crystal has been hand selected for its appearance and vibes. Every crystal is cleansed via smudging and then charged via the Sun.

Over time, your crystals will sink into the wax pool as it melts. This allows them to release their vibrations and healing energy in stealth mode! Don’t remove the crystals until your candle is complete and cool. Remove the hard wax and then wash your crystal in soap and hot water then pat dry. You may use your crystal however you see fit, in Reiki, meditation, chakra healing etc.

The glass jar is fully recyclable. 

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